Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you going to travel to?

Our main route: Brazil – Uruguay – Argentina – Chile – Peru – Ecuador – Bolivia – Brazil. We plan a clockwise tour. The possibility of visiting other countries depends on the remaining budget balance during the tour.

How long will it take?

Our bottleneck is the limited budget, not the time. Oue expectation is a few months.

Wouldn’t it be better if you had traveled to only one country each year?

We want to experience the local life for a longer time, instead of seeing the new places only from the “shop-window” for a few days. We want to travel slow. In addition, only the transportation cost to South America is so high that going only for a few days would be much more expensive when considering cost/day.

How can you travel so long? You have nothing else to do, a job, etc?

We have quitted our jobs and currently unemployed.

Did you win the lottery?

We wish we had… We have been saving money for a year now.

What will you do when you return?

We will move to Izmir and look for jobs, enjoying boyoz and kumru, and writing a book about our travels.

Did you already book your hotels?

We don’t plan to stay at hotels unless we have to. As we have been doing for long years, we will mostly stay with Couch Surfing and Hospitality Club members so that we will experience the local life and culture better. We believe that traveling does not have to be done with conventional ways.

How will you travel in South America?

We don’t plan flying even though the inter-country distances are huge. We plan having long distance bus rides and hitchhiking when possible.

How much stuff are you going to carry?

We have two full backpacks in total, one being 42 liters, the other 28. Soon we will be sharing our complete list of our stuff with you.

Aren’t you afraid?

No, for now. We have taken required health precautions, vaccinations and medication. We have taken and will continue to take the required actions to minimize the risk of robbery and thievery. We had extensive travels in Europe and North America before and we are less afraid as we got used to it.


2 responses

10 03 2010

if i understood correctly, you travel very light! šŸ™‚
2 persons totaly 42+28=70 lt.

I am planning a cycling trip around the world and very interesting to hear about South America!

23 11 2010

Yes, we carried 70 litres for two of us in total. It weighed about 18 kg in total.

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