Patagonia #6: Bariloche / Argentina

9 11 2010

Translation into English: Gamze Demir

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11 – 18.05.2010

We arrived to Bariloche after another 30-hour journey that we got already used to. It became evening already. Our new house is six kilometers away from downtown. We’re on the bus, adventure starts after getting off in the correct stop. Our home is not located on the map and there is nobody like grocery, greengrocery nearby the stop that we get off, whom we could ask the address. We are starting to go uphill in one direction by chance. It seems that we will stay in an uphill roaded house once more. I guess CS members always live on the top of the hills, to challenge us on purpose. Uphill that we tried doesn’t work out, we are climbing down. Finally we knocked on the door of a house and asked for address. They brought something like a phonebook and look at the map from there and then finally we were able to find the house on the map. Again we are in a top house of one hill!

Our home has a garden, calm, peaceful. We’ll stay here with Gustavo and his girlfriend. The most important feature of the house is that it has been built by Gustavo himself. Gustavo is not an architect or civil engineer or else. He began slowly to make house. He made there habitable in two years. When we go, he still had some more work to do.

ongoing constuction of the attic

Bariloche is one of Argentina’s most popular touristic places. It is possible to ski in the winter and sightsee the lakes in this city, which looks like a small Swiss town. Many people come here to do a tour of Seven Lakes. City is founded in the lakeside. Elevation begins next to the lake. Actually it rises suddenly, and almost all houses are in the slope. We see streets that has been made up of  interesting curved roads in the city center. During the period of our stay in Bariloche, we walked up and down these streets again and again.

I have said that it looks like Switzerland.. Not just buildings. Every place is full of Chocolate shops and chocolates are really delicious. One of the Chocolate shops is almost like a shopping center. Unfortunately it is too expensive. Saint Bernard dogs stand in the town square, everyone who wants is able to take pictures with these dogs. In short, they brought the symbols of Switzerland one by one here. It was the work of immigrants who came there from Switzerland years ago. Outside the city, near the national park there is a Swiss colony. All the tour companies organize half-day trips here. We prefer to go by ourselves. When we go, we don’t find anything. Just closed shops and signboards. Moreover, the signs are very interesting; fondues, hot chocolates, empanadas… We could’n find none of them. Moreover, we had to wait there three hours because of the rare bus schedule. Also, we are freezing when we are waiting.

There are 3-4 liftchairs in Bariloche. Each come up to the different hill. We pick one of them called Cerro Otto, which is the most scenic and touristic. Perfect lakes are just below us. Great views. Hawks flying above us. Only green and blue everywhere. A pure beauty without concrete.

The next day, we go to the lakes that we saw from this hill. Nahuel Huapi national park here. We are walking around a lot of lakes which is full autumn colors. We have a mood for making a full morning picnic, but we can not enjoy it because we have only chips and other snacks with us. There is one hotel at the entrance, and two in the park. The hotel at the entrance, becomes the symbolic hotel of Bariloche.  It was designed so good, that it doesn’t obbstrutive or disturbes the nature despite it was a big hotel. The interior hotels are haunted of Barilochers for over the weekend. We found dozens of people, when we go.

We have only one route left to complete all the trekking routes. We decide to do it. This is the most difficult route. We will climb the Llao Llao hill. We need to hurry because it becomes dark. Paths snake among the trees. We are climbimg rapidly, out of breathe. We can look down on the park, like a map…. We were in darkness on our way back, but without having trouble getting a flashlight. We had to go in the complete darkness to the exit of the park. Fortunately, going from the asphalt road,  afterall we have a habit of wandering about in the dark in the parks from Tierra del Fuego 🙂

We expect a nice evening with asado. In fact, we want asado this time, and Gustavo did not refuse us. We do the shopping. We buy about 3 kilograms of meat in the end. We have to show effort, because the butcher has a long queue. After all it is weekend and all Argentinians makes asado. There is a queue-matic in the butcher like our banks 🙂  We asked our host what kind of meat do we buy. He tells us to buy “Vacio”. A complete part without bones. Anyway it’s not common to put sliced meat in asado. Put them all in at once, you have to take when cooked. It’s not nice to cut it for a look to see if it’s cooked 🙂

happiness picture after asado

We have completed our Patagonia series with Bariloche.

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Gülen & Murat


Translation into English: Gamze Demir




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6 12 2010

Great tips for visiting Bariloche! This is indeed a city more european than argentinean, full of natural attractions everywhere. In winter you can enjoy of snow parties and winter sports. It also has enigmatic places such as Ventisquero Negro (Black Snowdrift) and its very close of Chile, another beautiful country to discover. Here you will find good info about
hotels in Bariloche . Regards!

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