Boca Juniors game

15 08 2010

Translation from Turkish to English: İnanç Çığşar

To see the photo album of Boca Juniors game:

Today is the big day. We are going to Boca Juniors – Rosario Central match. As we are kind of people who like going to football matches and love football-fan culture, we wanted to watch one of the most famous football teams and enthusiastic fans, Boca Juniors, and to see the stadium which scares the opponents the most in the world, La Bombonera.

We have been looking for information about the match for days. Then we found out that the tickets were sold between 09:00 – 15:00 only on the match day at the stadium. Most of the the people we met or written to, warns us that it is a dangerous match and we could not be able to find tickets as we were tourists.

We heard that tourists get robbed at the grandstands because it is thought that they have a lot of money in their pockets.

Still we decided to take our chances.
We went to the stadium at 08:45 am. Already about 50 people arrived and waiting in the ticket queue.

We joined them. Not to be noticed that we are tourists, we try not to talk much.. The events that could occur during the match do not scare us. After all we are used to see many events occur in every match that we went in Turkey.

Actually there is also a tour for the tourists. They take you from your hotel and take you to the stadium and give a ride of the museum under the stadium in exchange for A$ 300. And they serve beer and pepperoni&bread during the match. As we think that the cheapest ticket is for A$ 50 the tour seems very expensive. Besides we want to watch the match among the Boca supporters not from the tourist stand.

Ticket gate opens at exactly 09:00 am. About 200 people waiting in the queue. Then a car comes by and 5 big man get out of the car. First they spit on the ground as a show of strength. (certainly spitting is not specific to them only, everyone here is spitting like lama) Meanwhile they shake the chains in their hands. Like in the movies exactly…

They break through the whole queue and move to the forefront. No one could object to them not to have any trouble. They bought their tickets and go anyway.

At last it is worth for our efforts and we buy 2 tickets, A$ 50 for each. After then we learn that we were able to bought tickets because Boca Juniors was at the 3rd place form the bottom this season. We couldn’t have a chance to buy any tickets if we come up to a season that Boca plays for the championship.

Tickets in our pockets, we go for a breakfast happily and of course we eat pizza. Then we go to Caminito again as it is very closer to the stadium. I can buy the earrings that I couldn’t buy yesterday because of the closed benches. Plus we buy a Boca shirt to become brothers. In fact we have Karşıyaka (our local team) shirts inside.

A few hours before the match, they close all the roads to the stadium, stop selling alcohol according to the law. Only people with tickets are allowed around the stadium. So jam in front of the stadium gates is prevented.

People with Boca tickets are not allowed through the streets which Rosairio fans will be sitting. We like the policy very much. People came to the match with their families. We do not come across an event like as said.

Boca stadium is called as La Bombonera. Namely candy-box. It took the name because all the stands are built by very vertical balconies.

One of the most famous stadium in the world and has 49,000 seating capacity. There is football museum beneath the stadium but we could not visit it as it was closed. Through the sidewalks of the stadium, the squads of the older championships were mentioned. Names of the players in every champion period are written in stars on the ground, like in “Walk of Fame” in Hollywood, including Maradona.

The outer walls of the stadium are painted with huge pictures. With Maradona cartoons, other legendary players, painted with flashy drawings. The whole district is dark blue and yellow as the shops around and buildings are in the same way.

As entering the gates of the stadium, we pass through the tool gate by swiping our magnetic cards. There are so many officials helping to swipe the tickets. Moreover there are other officials helping when there is a problem with the toll gates. Everything works extremely properly. We watch with admiration.

Just before the match we met with French Felix and his Norwegian friend.. Felix is a crazy fan of Argentinian football. Going to match with him is good , as we learn a lot of things.

Anyway they distribute brochures about the match. Information about Boca’s league position, upcoming matches etc. Even, they reserve 2-3 pages for the opponent team. Again it is an unknown policy for us, we like it.

About 25,000 – 30,000 fans waiting ready in the grandstands. As Boca is at the last positions in the league and totally unpretentious, they say that there is a small audience (!). Upon this we evaluate how much audience would attend if the “biggest teams” (!) in Turkey place at the last positions in the league.

The fans at the lower stand sing their legendary cheers, Dale Boca:

Our stand is behind the goal on the top floor. There are many foreigners with us in this stand. Everyone has cameras in their hands. We admire the stadium. The stands are very vertical and high. The stand that we watch from is as high as the 8-10th floor of an apartment and there is crazy wind.

As the height between the seats is too high, it is like we watch from the tv and nobody passes in front of us. Despite being behind the goal we see everything perfect.

Boca’s most crazy fan crew is just below our stand. Stadiums superb&terrific scary acoustic and the unconditional and crazy support of the fans, has brought Boca fans the nickname, La Doce (Number 12). They already started to sing before the match starts. Everyone is standing, singing in a harmony and do not stop. People in this group are the ones who have seasonal tickets (combined ticket), this is not a stand which you can buy a ticket an enter. In the meantime, several people get interested with our Karşıyaka shirts, asking questions.

There are stands with balconies on the 3 sides of the stadium. On the other side there are open and close lodges in a vertical building structure.

We can say that they look like apartment balconies, lodges are like magnets sticked on the wall. We learn that Maradona ,who played for Boca, has a private lodge here.

Interior of the stadium is like the out of it, dark blue and yellow.

As their biggest rivals River Plate’s colors are red and white , on different locations of the stadium, they printed Coca Cola advertisements not in classical colors of the brand as red-white but with white and black, and Coca Cola does this policy only in a few places of the world.

Match starts. Although the team is in the 3rd place from the bottom, they greet with enthusiasm. We wonder what would the group below us do when there is a goal. First goal comes from Rosairo, Rosario fans bubble over. No change in the Boca group. They continue singing with the same enthusiasm. Then Boca scores and 1-1. No change again. They sing continuously 90 min. Occasionaly they bubble over very much.

Our stand shakes due to their bouncing/jumping like an earthquake. They sing their worldwide known famous cheers “Dale Boca“ abundantly.

Then we learn that the shake of the Bombonera is well known and famous. Upon Boca goal, the fans below us bubble over. From the 37th second you can see the shake of the stadium from the fixed camera: 

With Rosario’s last minute goal Boca loses 2-1. Everyone is calm except couple of guys throwing plastic bottles the field.

We return home tired and warped by the wind. Estefania cooking beef at home and I make a nice salad . We ate with joy.

To see the photo album of Boca Juniors game:

Gülen & Murat

June 14, 2010

Translation from Turkish to English: İnanç Çığşar




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