Colonia del Sacramento / Uruguay

4 08 2010

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28.03.2010 – Sunday

We are informed that the Easter holiday in Uruguay lasts one week and the city becomes a ghost city during it. That is why we decide to go to Argentina even though we stayed only one week in the country. We have to go to Colonio del Sacramento to take the ferry to Buenos Aires. It is an old port town used by Portuguese before. The historical center is called Barrio Sur. The town is full of cafes and restaurants and booming with tourists. Most of them are day-trip Argentinians.

It is possible to walk the city center or rent a golf car or scooter. We climb up the lighthouse. It is possible to see Buenos Aires from the top. Because the pain of the sunburns that I got in Cabo Polonio increased, I decide to rest somewhere and Murat hangs out alone.

The ferry is mere a sea-bus, little and boring. It only lasts one-hour to Buenos Aires. There are bigger and more fun ferries that goes in 2,5 hours but we find it expensive and unnecessary.

Gülen & Murat


For all Colonia del Sacramento photos:




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