Valizas & Cabo Polonio / Uruguay

20 05 2010

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25 – 26.03.2010

We take the bus to Valizas early in the morning. It is only 30-40 km but takes longer than 2 hours because we have to change two times. We meet a CSer from the Netherlands here. They have bought 3 houses in Valizas. They rent the houses in summer. They don’t have any problems because the government has some incentives for the foreigners to move to Uruguay and establish business. When the southern hemisphere is in winter, they move to the Netherlands and live northern hemisphere summer. After having a few hours with them, we go to a famous fish restaurant that they recommended. We have a lot of seafood here and enjoy having seafood on a nice and huge beach beside the ocean.

After the meal, a long walk awaits us. We will walk to Cabo Polonio on the dunes. We start walking on the beach and cross a river with a small boat. After that is the huge dunes as if we are in Sahara.

We come to a rocky hill, where we can see both Valizas and Cabo Polonio. On the top of the hill are a French student, an Uruguayean professor and a family from the USA. As the professor discovers that we are Turkish, he says “what a multi-cultural rock!” 🙂

We go on the beach after the hill. We see dead sea lions on the way, beached. We reach to Cabo Polonio after 3 hours. This is a town with no electricity and water grid. They use candles or power supplies run by petrol and get the water from the wells. Here is hippy culture, too, and not many people around because summer is over. We easily find a place to stay.

This is one of the famous places where sea lions live. That is why we go on a walk to see them but come back without seeing any of them. It is getting dark, too. The sea lions are on a rocky island a few hundred meters away from the coast and we can hear them shouting and screaming, as if they are partying.

The beach is beautiful in the night because there is no lights around. We have our wine under a million stars.

We decide to try again in the morning. This time we are lucky and we see a few sea lions from a very close distance, on the coast. I stay a long time sitting there with them and get heavily sunburnt.

After the sea lions we climb up the lighthouse and watch the island, and then swim…

We have to go back to Montevideo by bus in the night. Cabo Polonio is a protected natural reserve, so they do not allow cars or buses inside but only some vehicles that deliver goods and some modified trucks to carry people. That is why we take the truck to the bus stop outside the reserve area. We sit on the top of the truck, which have some seats there actually. It is a little shaky though, because we go through sand and bushes all the time.

After a while we begin going on the beach and with the sunset, it is an amazing experience. We reach to the bus stop in half an hour and the bus is late as usual. We are already used to having buses and other thing to be late here and we do not complain anymore 🙂

Gülen & Murat


For all Valizas and Cabo Polonio photos:




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