Punta del Diablo / Uruguay

20 05 2010
24.03.2010 – Wednesday

Punta del Diablo is a small town on ocean, 4-5 hours away from Montevideo by bus. It changed to be a hippy town recently. It is all colorful around. We see a few people around because summer is over. We stay at El Indio Hostel here, which is cheaper (10 usd/person/night) and very clean because established recently.
After leaving the backpacks, we go to have lunch. We have pasta with shrimps and rice with squit. They turn out to be delicious. After the lunch we go to the beach for sunbathing. The ocean is too wavy and and too windy. A bunch of people are moving a small boat from the sea to the beach, with the help of beams and pulleys.
7 guys begin playing football on the beach and call Murat to play with them. Thus Murat joins the football madness in South America 🙂 In the evening we have our pizza at the hostel and have our wine against the ocean view. I feel cold because it is too windy.
Gülen & Murat





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