Porto Alegre / Brazil

20 05 2010


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To travel from Florianopolis to Montevideo, we can only find a ticket with bus change on Porto Alegre, so we will have 4 hours to spend in Porto Alegre. We directly walk to the city center as soon as we get off the bus. First impression is that, this little city is a taxi heaven. There are hundreds of taxis waiting in front of the bus station.

We come to a different church on the way. Actually this type of churches is common in Brasil, at least so far. Unlike the old, huge, stone constructions of Europe, these churches are rather large modern meeting halls. We come in because there is a kind of mass. As we enter with our backpacks, a volunteer comes to meet us as she understands that we are foreigners. She is university student and volunteering at the church. Her aim is to increase the number of people attending the churches. She asks us at least to go to the “universal church” in our country (?). People join the father and sing together, hypnotized. This is the Holy Spirit Calling Day for them. After a while we leave.

We go to the one of the main squares of the city and rest there, watching around and eating bananas that we bought for R$ 1 per kilo. Banana is the cheapest and easiest way to eat in this country 🙂

Gülen & Murat


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