Montevideo / Uruguay

20 05 2010

22.03.2010 – Monday

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We get on Montevideo bus in Porto Alegre. They collect our passports when hopping in. We are in the second floor, in front line, planning to enjoy the nice view we have thanks to our seats. For the first time dinner and breakfast is served in this bus.

The bus stops for a while at the bi-national town of Chuy at 4 in the morning. We get our passports back, stamped for 90 days free entrance.

We reach to Montevideo in the morning. Including the 4-hour stop in Porto Alegre, it was a 24-hour ride.

We are quite surprised at the “mate” madness in the first moment as we come to the city. More than half of the people on the streets are having mate with them. Mate is a kind of herbal tea and drunk with a special cup and metal straw. People are not only drinking mate on the streets, but also carrying their termal bottles (termos) so that they can drink all day long. The strange thing is that nobody carries the termo in his backpack or bag but carries under his arm!

We will stay with Braden from the USA and Daniel from Germany here. Both of them are studying in the university. The house is located in the middle of the historic center of the city. We can see Plaza Independencia from the window.

Under Plaza Independencia is the monumental tomb of General Artigas, the libertador. It draws our attention that the soldiers on duty are leaving with some lack of seriousity as their duty is over, unlike Anitkabir in Turkey, where the soldiers are expected to behave strictly serious as long as near the monument, whether or not on duty.

We spend the first day in the historic part called Ciudad Viaje, full of street sellers and nice cafes. Hotdog is sold everywhere but they are kind of “advanced”. They put a lot of side stuff in the hotdog and it tastes great. One is enough to satisfy a meal. After that we head to Mercado del Puerto where we expect it to be a fruits market but turns out to be a great hall of many restaurants, serving barbeque called parillada including all the offals. It is all meat around. The city smells like a huge barbeque itself anyway 🙂 We drink “medio y medio” at Roldo’s, which is like sweet champagne.

We buy beer from a small market. Beer is sold in one-liter bottles and very cheap. We go near the port, where there is a very long wave breaker. A lot of people are fishing.

Back at home, we cook beef with Daniel. Here the meat is very cheap and tasty. I make a salad with eggplant.

23.03.2010 – Tuesday

The beach day! Before the beach, we go out to buy our ferry tickets for Buenos Aires. Soon we find out that all the offices and shops concerning traveling and transportation are very busy thanks to coming Easter. We are very lucky again and can find the last two tickets in the ferry that we want. We go to the beach with Daniel, to Pocitos Beach. After we begin swimming, we find out that the water is muddy and sweet. We understand that it is a part of River Plate (Rio de la Plata) and not the ocean. We are not far enough from the river mouth that ocean can reach.

After swimming Daniel leaves us and we take a walk on the beach. This is really a nice district and reminds us of Karsiyaka, our district in Turkey. Hundreds of people are doing sports on the beach again, and we run away after a while, being attacked by an army of mosquitos.

Gülen & Murat


To see all the photos of Montevideo:




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