Montevideo – 2 / Uruguay

20 05 2010

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Because it is Easter, one of our hosts decides to travel to Argentina and the other to Brasil and we have to change our host. We will stay with Natalie and it does not take a long time before we find out that Natalie is one of the most funny and humorous people that we have met so far. She lives in a district called Emilio Reus where Jews used to live once. The houses are old but nice. It used to be a cheap place but then became expensive so people call it “Satan” here 🙂

We meet Natalie in front of the Tres Cruses International Bus Terminal. In the middle of the great main avenue is a giant Cross. It was erected when Papa came to Uruguay.

We go to Estadio Centenario (Century Stadium) together. The museum is closed because of Easter but we are able to get in the stadium by bribing somebody inside with the usual entrance fee. This stadium is where the first World Cup was organized in 1930 and Uruguay was the winner! Uruguay was chosen to be the host of the first tournament because it was the 100th year of their independence. Around the stadium are large sports fields of all kinds, including a velodrome.

We go back and eat at home because Natalie is vegetarian. Meeting a vegetarian in a barbeque smelling country is quite interesting for us 🙂

After the dinner we walk around the Beach Ramirez and then head to Barrio Sur, where most of the residents are Africa-rooted people. This is a colorful district. We see a bunch of people around a small fire, heating up their drums and preparing for their weekly drum show in the town. After a while they are ready and begin playing their colorful drums. They are very organized and like a big drum orchestra. Some black girls are dancing along them. They begin moving slowly down the street and we follow them. They do it every Saturday and Sunday night and it is called Camdombe. Our host Natalie plays drums with another band of women, recently they have played in front of Parliament, to thank to the government for the recent steps taken for the subjects like education and health.

We come across a wine house called Museo del Vino when walking from Barrio Sur to the centro. We learn that Popo Romano, the most famous bass player of the country will play with his band here in a few hours. Since it is not possible to draw money from our bank’s ATMs in the night because they are inside the bank, we only have money with us enough for the bus back home and they do not accept cards. At last the owner of the bar allows us to pay later. We like the music and the wine a lot. We go to a CS meeting in a German Pub afterwards, and then we go home.

On the way to home, we come across a hall like a restaurant. There are only very old ladies and gentlemen inside and all of them are dancing with some local music and eating parillada! We watch them for a while. We spend a lovely night, beautified with a lot of nice surprises.

Gülen & Murat


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3 08 2010

Hey, I found you on couchsurfing and I think your headed this way.. Would you be up for being interviewed for my blog about the people who travel here and the people and places that have made it worth it for me living here?

And let me know if you need any info, contacts, etc! Jon

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