Florianopolis / Brazil

16 04 2010

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17 – 21.03.2010

We come to Florianopolis (Floripa) after a 15-hour bus ride from Foz de Iguacu. Floripa is an island, connected to the mainland with two bridges, a real holiday resort and surfer’s paradise with 42 beaches.

We stay at Olga and Max’s house. Max is from the USA, developing and marketing software and changing country to live every 3-6 months. Olga is Max’s girlfriend, from Ukraine. She changes place very often, too. She even worled as tour guide in Antalya, Turkey. She is the only person in South America so far who understands at least some little Turkish 🙂 They have a spare room in their backyard and we stay there. The house is close to the Campeche Beach. This is a surfer beach because it is wavy. We can walk to the beach only through the bushes.

We spend the first day in the historical center of the city, which is actually very small. Then we have a walk on the shore. A lot of people are cycling and jogging. This is what we see usually in Brasil: People really like doing sports.

There are four lagoons in Floripa. Two of them are connected to each other and surrounded by nice cafes and bars. We spend the second day around the lagoons. There are lots of kitesurfers on the lagoon. Just beneath a lagoon is a sand dune. Seeing a sand dune in almost the city center is somehow interesting for us.

We walk to Beach Mole and swim there in the ocean. We enjoy the sun and the ocean in the March, which we are not used to. There are just a few people because the high season is already over.

After the beach, we meet Olga and Max and go to the south of the island together, to eat some seafood. We go to a little fisher village and pick the oldest restaurant around. Bar do Arante. Older than 50 years. Little notes sticked on the walls, thousands of them. It is the tradition that the customers write and leave some notes on the walls. Actually it is how the story of the restaurant begins. Campers used to leave notes for their friends in the restaurant in the 60’s. Then the number of the notes went on increasing.

We order a complete set, little bit of this, little bit of that. We begin with crab and go on with mussel, fish, oyster with cheese and shrimp. Rice and chips come last. 2 persons menu is more than enough for four of us. In addition we drink beer. The price is quite affordable when compared to Turkey. We pay about R$ 35 per person. We leave our note, too, and go back home.

We spare the last day for the north of the island but since the weather is rainy, we content with walking and eating oysters. The island is famous with the oysters and they are really delicious with cheese. We decide to try at home when back in Turkey.

When going home, the bus stops suddenly somewhere near the city center. We get off to find out what is going on and it is a gathering of thousands of people about the Easter. We like to see this kind of event because we are not used to.

For the dinner we cook at home. Olga has found some recipe of saksuka (a Turkish meze made of eggplant) and wants to try. I prepare saksuka for her, and not bad for my first trial.

We like Floripa in general. We have some peaceful time because the summer is over and it is not full of tourists. We think that we could easily live here for at least one year or so. Why not if we have chance in the future?

Next stop will be Montevideo, Uruguay.

Gülen & Murat


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17 04 2010

Glad you enjoyed Florianapolis, as you will probably have worked out we also stayed with Max & Olga but unfortunately had a lot of bad weather whilst there.

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