Iguazu Falls

12 04 2010

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15.03.2010 – Monday

Iguazu Falls are next to Foz do Iguacu city of Brazil. We come to this city only to see the falls after a 10-hour bus trip. We have to stay at a hostel (Klein Hostel) because we could not find any Couch Surfing members in Foz. After leaving our bags to the hostel, we go to see the falls from the Brazilian side.

This is the largest falls of the world. There are about 275 separate falls. They can be seen both from Brazilian side and Argentinian side. They are in the UNESCO World Heritage List since 1986. We spend 3-4 hours here, watching the falls from the panoramic terraces and get wet. From the Brazilian side it is possible to see the falls from the bottom, where they fall down to. Actually you can also have a boat tour into the falls but it is R$ 140 per person and too expensive for us. So we choose to walk around.

We encounter little animals like raccoons. They are all hungry and want food 🙂 They are funny and cute.

There is a water-dam where they use the energy from the falls. This is the biggest dam in the world when ordered by power capacity. We want to visit the dam because Gulen used to work in one in Turkey but the buses are not frequent and we have not enough time to go there and catch the last tour of the dam.

We eat at the hostel in the night and go to sleep, tired of the sun all day.

16.03.2010 – Tuesday

Today is the day for Argentinian side of the falls. Our hostel arranges a minibus for eight of us and it will be faster to go since we will avoid bus waiting times. We reach to Brazil-Argentina border in 20 minutes. We get exit stamps in our passports. Just after that is a bridge on River Iguacu, which forms the real border. The half of the bridge close to Brazil is painted yellow-green and the other part close to Argentina is painted blue-white. Our driver collects our passports on the Argentinian side and gets our passports stamped. We get the 90-day entry stamp so easily.

15 minutes after the border, we reach to Argentinian National Park. There are more and longer walking paths in Argentina side and you can get closer to the falls and look from the top of them. We do the Upper Trail, Lower Trail, Gargante del Diablo and Green Trail walking paths. There are millions of butterflies around. They land on us too.

The prices of souvenirs and kiosks are exaggerated in Argentina side. The prices are almost as double as Brazilian side. You pay A$ 10 (R$ 5) to 500 ml water.

Both the falls and the tropical environment is very beautiful but because of the cool feeling of the falls and being wet almost all the time, we make the big mistake of ignoring the sun and not putting on sun protection. We become red and return to the hostel in pain.

Next stop will be Florianopolis, the capital of Santa Catarina state. It will take us a 15-hour bus ride.

Gülen & Murat


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